Yin Yang Theory

You’ve most likely seen this symbol before and what the symbol represents is balance and harmony. And it is, a foundational piece in Chinese medicine. And it’s So I don’t know why the word Poetry. I mean, the word poetry always comes to me when I speak, think of Chinese medicine, because we take something that looks so simple, like how simple does this symbol look and how, I mean it’s everywhere, right? We see it all the time. Everybody has an idea of what that means, but when you really get into the dynamics of how yin and yang are working together, it’s so it’s so beautiful, how something so simple can create so much complexity and so much vibrancy and so much color in our lives, but we’re not here to talk about all of that. So let’s just go through the basics of yin yang. So yang is the white portion that you see on the bottom. Now the, um, dynamics of yang are more upward moving lighter in nature. So less dense, more related to the cosmos to, um, you know, heaven, to purpose to that kind of thing.

And just a little disclaimer, if you haven’t, if you don’t, if you’re not familiar with me, none of this has religious. I might use the word heaven because that’s how a lot of the texts are translated, but that’s just because that’s what my brain is kind of used to, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a denominational. I think that’s the right word. Um, God, that we’re, speaking of, it’s not a religion that we’re speaking of, we’re just speaking about that upper cosmic energy that we all have some idea of what it is, whether you believe in it or not. We, you, we know what we’re talking about when we talk about heaven. So it’s, that’s just more think about it more as an energy, as opposed to it being a concrete thing that has been, um, you know, adopted through religion. So that’s the young energy, and then we have the yin energy.

The yin energy is the black here. And so yin is more downward-moving more, um, dense. So it’s like consolidating dark. Cool. And the yin, if we were to differentiate, we could say that the yin is more our flesh and our body and the yang is more animation and our personality and how it is that we come to life. But you can see within here. So this white, within the block that is yang within yin and then the black in and amongst the white is yin, within yang. And this tells us that yin yang are never separate. The only time they’re separate is in death when our yang spirit floats up and our yin body is left and goes and goes back into the ground or into Ash.

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