Deeper into Anxiety and The Triple Energizer


All right, let’s get a little bit deeper into the triple Energizer as it relates to the fire element. So we’ll recap a little bit about what we know and what we just learned about the fire element. We know that there are four organs associated with the fire element, and I use the term Oregon lightly because the triple Energizer is not an organ. And the pericardium isn’t technically an organ either. It is the SAC around the heart. And so in Chinese medicine, we call that the heart protector. That was the video last week. So I encourage you to go and have a, have a boo at that. It’s interesting because the triple Energizer and the pericardium work so intimately together, and they’re actually the paired organ system that it’s hard to differentiate sometimes. So there might be a little bit to, um, you know, kind of carried over themes that you notice that have been carried over if you’ve been following a blog series, but we’ll do our best to sort of get into a little bit more differentiation.

And really it’s impossible to talk about the triple Energizer without talking about the whole concept of all of the organs within the fire, particularly the heart and the pericardium. Now the triple Energizer is we call it the triple Energizer because in Chinese medicine, the body is divided into three. I shouldn’t say divided because it’s a functional whole, but it sort of categorize, I suppose, as upper, which is our upper Energizer or upper Jiao middle. And that those organ systems are the lung and the heart middle jiao, which is considered the spleen and the stomach. And depending on who you talk to liver gallbladder as well, so more of the digestive piece and then the lower jiao, which is considered the kidneys and then the sexual organs, which are associated with the kidneys. So that’s sort of how we differentiate this and differentiate that now the triple Energizer is how is water and fire moving and in relationship amongst are all of those organ systems.

So it’s very functional in nature and actually has a lot to do with temperature, both literally, and then metaphorically. And we’re going to go into more of the metaphor of it here, I suppose. But, um, that’s what the triple Energizer is in a super simplistic, um, nutshell. So we know that with fire, we have our four organs. We have the heart, which is the sovereign fire, which is the emperor. We have the small intestine, which is the Envoy or the gatekeeper to the heart. So they are paired. We have our yin organ and our yang organ, and we’re going to go through that in one second. And then we have the pericardium, which is considered a yin Organ, and we have the triple Energizer, which is considered a yang organ. So if you are not familiar with yin/yang, I think we’ll go there before we talk about anything else.

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