Acupuncture Points for Anxiety; Introduction


Hey and welcome back to another video blog series on acupuncture points for anxiety. Today, we are going to go specifically into the fire element and more specifically into the small intestine organ system or functional official as we like to call it. If you are here for the first time, thank you so much for joining me. And if you are a repeat visitor, thank you so much for coming back either way. If you do like this content, please do not forget to hit that subscribe button and share it with your people.

The intention for these videos is first and foremost, to lend a new perspective and provide different ways that you might be able to help yourself when anxiety is arising. The secondary intention is to have us gain a new perspective in general in life. The Chinese medicine system is based on how energy flows spontaneously in nature, and we are nature. So how does it that energy spontaneous flows spontaneously flows within us. And this, when I use the word energy, I don’t just mean the energy of the unseen world. It’s how is the energy of the unseen world giving rise to the energy of the seen world? In other words, how is it that all of the things that we aren’t necessarily consciously aware of or that we can’t actually physically touch and feel and see and smell? How is it that they are in relationship with what it is that we can touch and we can feel, and we can see, and we can smell?

And really, how is it that those things are giving rise to our experience in life?

The general flow for the videos will be, we are going to spend the first five minutes after the introduction, of course tapping our way through the beautiful immense wisdom of the body. And we do this because if we just dive into the theory, then the theory just stays up here. It doesn’t actually become embodied in any way. So I’m going to tap you through today, the small intestine Meridian, and I’ve paired it with a lower-body Meridian that is basically on the same circuit. It’s just upper body, lower body. And I’ve done that because the small intestine Meridian is only on the upper part of the body. And it’s really important to traverse the whole terrain of this beautiful vessel that we have. So we will do that. And it’s really important that you spend your time tapping your way through the body because it kind of wakes up the energy and it wakes up the energy for us to be able to tune into where is it that we might be out of flow, where is it that we might feel more alive.

And then once we get into the theories, that information will integrate a little bit more. And once knowledge is integrated and embodied into the, into the body, it becomes wisdom. And of course, this takes time and it takes reiteration and it takes listening to things a few times and contemplation and all of those things. But excuse me, we cannot forget the importance of the body. So we start there always.

Then we’re going to go into about, a 35 minute, presentation on the five elements. And this is really important, especially if you have not been here before with me to go through because it will walk us through the spontaneous flow of nature and how it is that the organ systems and elements are all dynamically related. This is such an incredibly beautiful adaptive system. And if we want to understand how it is that we’re constantly in reciprocation in and adapting to our environment, it’s important that we have this lens.

So please don’t forget to go through that. And then at the very end of the video, we are going to go deeper into again today, the fire element, small intestine, there will be a case study. And then at the very end, we’re going to go through a few ways that you can help to balance the small intestine. If you feel like that is what is out of flow for you, we’ll have acupuncture points of course, and some essential oils, and then

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