Acupuncture points and Essential Oils for Anxiety

And then palmarosa essential oil on small intestine 4. So I have a video of where small intestine 4 is, and Palmarosa has this really Interesting smell to it. It’s a little bit rosy and florally, but then it’s also got the citrus component to it. And we don’t go into a lot of the thermal, sorry, the dynamic fragrance, um, nuances in these videos because that’s kind of a whole other topic, but what those fragrances do, the sweet Earth’s. So it has a, an affinity for the earth element, which brings us in, which is exactly what we want to do. And then the citrus moves. So it gets a lot of the gunk moved out of the system. So it’s really nice working with it on this point in the small intestine, the small intestine four point is the earth point on the small intestine. Again, just really reiterating the importance of earth here.
It helps us work through and integrate experiences that have skewed us, but also it helps remind us what is truly nourishing because when the small intestine is functioning properly, we know what’s nourishing to our heart. We know what’s nourishing too, to speak of our heart. There’s no issues with the timing. There’s no, there’s nothing that gets collapsed in an, in an odd way, sort of, you know, sexually or between two people. We don’t push people away necessarily. We are able to be in the tension, the dynamic tension of just feeling vulnerable, feeling love, feeling, sadness, feeling joy, and so Palmarosa really, really, really helps that clarification process of what’s essential. And what’s not essential within the small intestine. So beautiful. So I will show you where that is in the next video. And I hope to see you back here next week, where we will talk about the pericardium, which is still consistent with the fire element. So I’ll see you soon.


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