Acupuncture, Anxiety, Small Intestine; Case Study

So there could also be a tendency to want to isolate or, um, to not be able to be alone. And there is a fear of communicating the heart wish. So all types of fire pathologies can be, have major issues when it comes to vulnerability and, and really not wanting to put themselves out there, not wanting to be seen. And often times this can be coupled with, yeah, there’s been a real traumatic experience. Um, and then kind of once that, that ability to communicate the tender feelings of the heart from that, um, traumatic experience, if we put that out there and it is not received in a manner that is healthy and helps us integrate those experiences. So if you know, let’s just say sexual abuse, because that’s a common theme with fire.
Let’s say there’s been sexual abuse. If we’ve put that out there, if we’ve told somebody, if we’ve let ourselves be vulnerable enough to share that with another human and if it has not been received in a way, so it’s been received in a way, let’s say where it’s been shut down, further creates major, major issues with our ability to communicate our heart wish to be in relationship, to be vulnerable. So it’s really common that there’s a, there’s this tendency to want to isolate because we don’t feel, we don’t feel like it’s safe. Really. We don’t feel like it’s safe to communicate anything about who we are. So we just keep it to ourselves. And then it creates a whole bunch of internal distortion as well. So communication between the interior and the exterior of the world can feel threatning.
Let’s go into this case study male 42 years old patient of mine. Interestingly enough, his chief complaint was pain in the heart and in the back of the heart. So again, think about where the meridians are, small intestine, Meridian paired with urinary bladder Meridian, all in the whole like back thoracic cage, right? That’s the domain of these, these meridians. So that was really interesting. And he had had a significant amount of trauma growing up, um, that he was really trying to just integrate and kind of get everything moving through there. But interestingly enough, so he, he had, um, muscular tightness, and shoulder pain. So again, there’s that whole connection to the, um, shoulder blade and, and the muscular armoring that can take place when we feel like we’ve been bombarded by the outside world and we just need to protect ourselves to feel safe.
But the interesting thing was, um, so he had a history of ear infections, but he had a really tough time hearing the truth. And, and I don’t mean, that, his ego would necessarily get involved. Like he would hear something and he’d be like, no, no, no, I don’t want to, I don’t want to hear that. He literally couldn’t understand, like he would have to listen so intently to what somebody was saying and almost have them break it down word for word, for word. And so when he was in big groups of people, or even in just like a crowd of people, if someone was talking and if they were talking really fast, really quickly and concepts were coming together really quickly, he would get incredibly confused and confusion is probably possibly the hallmark of a small intestine, um, pathology. I’m a little bit reluctant to say that just as a blanket statement, but there’s a huge, huge component to confusion and this inability to discern information that is coming out.
And it’s because when the heart goes into protection or sorry, the small intestine just wants to protect the heart. So it doesn’t want to discern anything. It just wants to keep everything out, essentially. So this was causing a lot of strife in his work life and in his personal life, because he would hear things that weren’t accurate, he would hear things and he would feel like he was sensing things in a room or amongst, um, people that he was interacting with. That weren’t actually true because he constantly on a subconscious level or an unconscious level, um, felt pretty threatened by the world. So, I mean, these things take a while to work through and, I’ve seen him consistently, and I know that he’s been working, working all of that out through different, ways. And it’s been remarkable to see the change in him and to see how present he could be.
Cause the other thing was that he had this real inability to be present as well. So think about the propriety and the timing we have. I have an inability when we have any kind of pathology within the one of the fire elements, I’m sorry, within one of the fire organ systems to be present because it is so painful to be with how the heart really feels. And to again, be with the vulnerability of what it’s like to just be human and be in this world and be constantly trying to adapt to everything and to be wanting to experience love, but to be knowing how fearful and how, how tumultuous that can feel. So he’s become so much more present. He listens, he can tune in and his body is responding as well. He doesn’t have the pain in the back of his heart. However, it has become a bit of a it’s kind of gift, I guess, for him, because he’ll know when he’s getting into those old patterns or when he’s maybe feeling or sensing that something’s going on and he’s interpreting it in a way that isn’t actually authentic and accurate. He can feel the back of his heart and his chest start to tighten up, so cool hey?
When you, when you see people doing the work and to see how it actually shifts, and again, this stuff takes time. It does not happen quickly. The insights happen right away. We know what to do, but to actually integrate this stuff into our body, especially when it comes to fire pathologies, cause fire is all about mind and intuition and all of this upward stuff. The last place it wants to be when it’s in disharmony is in that body, which is exactly why earthing is the number one thing. The number one thing that we can do in our lives outside of treatment from another person to help our fire element be balanced.

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