Anxiety and the Two Space

It’s also interesting because there’s a propriety connection into this in the sense of if the heart is keeping that, that divine timing of our lives, there can also be a theme of what gets communicated. So if you kind of tie this in with this distortion piece that I just talked about, there can be a timing that seems off in terms of what gets communicated. So an example of this would be someone who can’t necessarily read a room, let’s say, so you’re in a group of people or you’re even just in a one-to-one conversation and something is put out there something’s communicated out that seems totally out of time, might seem irrelevant might even just seem a little bit off and, and just kind of odd. And you know, that feeling right. You’re just kinda like what, what that doesn’t, it doesn’t make any sense. And that’s a big theme with the small intestine, is that the ability to make sense of what we’re experiencing is really, really skewed. Um, there was one other thing I was going to say about that. I can’t remember. Oh yeah.
Because the fire element is so much about this two space there can be a theme and this isn’t necessarily always a small intestine. It’s maybe more with pericardium, but I have noticed it with small intestine pathology, that there is like, um, an inappropriate manner in which we speak about sex. And so this kind of ties into this whole timing. So there can be inappropriate sexual jokes, inappropriate sexual advances, um, inappropriate sexual thoughts. And I don’t mean, I mean, people can have all kinds of different thoughts, but it’s more this thing of like, uh, because there is such a deep connection to the vulnerability of the heart and to our experience with another person. And that fear of being in that vulnerability, in that two space with another person, it oftentimes will just get collapsed into some sort of weird sexual behavior or nature. And I, shouldn’t not, I don’t know if I should say weird because I really don’t want to put out there. People can do whatever the heck they want, but I think the key theme or what I’m trying to really point out is that there’s an inappropriateness to it that is present.
Okay. So the anxiety that can arise in this case oftentimes comes from when the body and mind have not integrated a trauma. So past experiences and emotional experiences, and we can call them traumas. I’m a little bit remissed to overuse that word or to use it out of context. But when there are traumas that have not been integrated into the system, the heart is what is responsible for integrating our emotional experiences. And so if there has been an experience that has gone on integrated, it’s very, very common that the small intestine will falter. And then this will show up from, in, in terms of the heart going into its different pathologies, which the video on that was just last week, feel free to check it out It’s that gatekeeper. It’s that thing of like, okay, what’s on the, what, what information is coming through.
Interestingly enough, if you think back to the tapping, so, um, uh, paired it with urinary bladder Meridian, and there is that whole connection to the shoulder blade of this, of the, um, and sorry, on the small intestine. If you think about the information that’s coming in and you could go back to the urinary bladder, uh, video as well. Cause I talk a lot about this, about that. It’s all about this information that is coming in and what’s essential and what’s not essential. So both of them kind of go along the back body and they are responsible for, if you think about the yin holding all of those yin essential organs, like the heart and the kidneys and the lung and the liver and the spleen, we want to protect those. I mean, we need to keep those as harmonious, as happy as possible. Cause when those are off, we are really messed up. That’s when we’re getting into some really deep pathology. So it’s the job of the yang to mitigate any of those kinds of stresses. And so what can happen is that if there’s been an experience from the outside world that has been very shocking, um, very hard to digest, even then we have this tendency to kind of encroach in on ourselves so that we protect the kingdom, we protect the emperor. So what can happen is that there’s oftentimes a lot of pathology with the shoulder, um, and even a lot of muscle tightness or rigidity that can also occur.
Again, I could go way deeper into that, but not for this video. Okay.

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