The Circulatory System and the Heart

We’ll recap the circulatory systems connection to the heart. I mean, this is pretty obvious. Um, and I need to just say that if you’ve never seen my videos before, uh, there’s never a one-to-one correlation between the Chinese and the Western system, very important to remember, and very important that we respect both systems for what they are and what the insights that they provide to us. However, there are correlations. And at this point in time, we know that there are certain correlations that we can draw on that, you know, might even bridge a gap between these two systems. But again, they’re not the same, but the circulatory system let’s think about what it does from a Western perspective. It is used for the transport of course, of vital substances. So oxygen hormones our lymphatic. Um, our lymphatic is also transported in there or sorry, or our immune system like our white blood cells and that kind of thing.
So it brings nutrients to tissues and it is involved in waste removal. So that whole exchange of gases, and again, it’s almost like that exchange of what’s not essential for us, what has been utilized by our essence and what it is that we can remove and, and give back to the earth. Um, now the nerves and the blood vessels typically travel together. So if you do remember from the five element theory, when I, uh, was showing you the nervous system and the nerves, there’s a, not a, again, not a direct correlation one-to-one, but there is a pretty intense overlap there. And we’re not going to get actually too much into that in this video. But it’s interesting because I know in school always are taught Qi and blood, Qi and blood, Qi and blood, Qi of course being the energy blood, of course, being blood.
And I’ve realized over time that I think part of what was, they were tuning into way, way, way back then before we had any of the technology that we have now, or even just the Western understanding of the body. I think what they were talking about was that Qi being very much related to the nervous system, because it is fast electrical and chemical impulses. And then of course the blood being related to the circulatory system. So, um, yeah, I’m not going to go so deep into that, even though I find it really interesting, but a way beyond the scope of this video that’s for sure.
From a Chinese medicine perspective, there’s a huge spiritual; component to the fire element. If you remember from the five element video, and this is why we cannot talk about the small intestine without talking about the heart, because the whole purpose of it is that this yang energy comes down through the cosmos. So this is like our, um, our cosmic purpose, if you will, and the heart imbues spirit onto our entire body or into our entire body. In other words, into all of our organ systems into all of those functioning officials, and it is, it governs the blood as well. The heart does, and we’ll get a little bit more into the small intestines connection to the blood cause that’s also very interesting, um, further down in the presentation. And so really the job of it then is to through the circulatory system is to make sure that that cosmic consciousness is getting everywhere. So of course, what the job of the heart is that it is in communication with the entire circulatory system and it moves blood everywhere in the body back and forth, right? So we can think about this then as That being part of its job, it’s part of its job is to bring conscious awareness to every part of our body.
When we talk about being out of flow, oftentimes what that means is there’s an there’s energy, there’s Qi or there’s blood that is stuck somewhere. So it doesn’t mean that it’s not moving because of blood was not moving. We would, our skin would necrotize or our limbs would fall off, but it might not be flowing to the capacity that it could for us to be in health and in wellness and in balance. So let’s just say that for now, the circulatory, the circulation is slowed down and that’s what we mean by like a lack of flow. That means that there is not conscious awareness being brought to that area. And what happens then is that yin, that is more related to death.
And I gotta say, please do not collapse yang into being good and yin, into being bad, just because of the death and consciousness connection, we need both of these babies. They need to be harmonized. And that’s the whole point. But when there is a lack of yang flow conscious energy, yin encroaches, and what happens when yin encroaches is death encroaches. So we get more cold, um, things aren’t moving, we get kind of consolidated our expression isn’t present. And so we want to bring that yang consciousness into the yin so that that integration can happen. And so it’s really common in life to go into yin phase is to go into those more contracted phases where you might be going through something, maybe going through a deep transition, maybe you’ve lost a loved one, or maybe you’ve lost a relationship or something that naturally causes us to go inward and reflect.
Those are such important times. And then everything in life ebbs and flows, we go through period after that, after when there’s a timeline on any of that stuff, as I’m sure you all know where we bring more life into it, but we bring life into it. So that, that Alchemical transformation between yin and yang, so between the light and dark can occur and we can move on to the next iteration. So both are equally as important.

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