The Fire Element; Small Intestine Organ System

Okay, welcome back to the fire element in the small intestine. I hope that you enjoyed that five element description it’s brief, but it should offer some insight into the rest of the videos. Let’s get deeper in. We’re going to recap what it is that we know about fire now. So we know that the organs associated with the fire element are the heart, the small intestine, the pericardium, and the triple Energizer. Today we’re concerning ourselves, of course, with the small intestine. And in order to do that, we have got to talk about the heart a little bit as well. The emotions associated with it, are joy and sadness, and it’s very much involved with themes of connecting with others. It integrates emotional experiences that we’ve had in our life and the virtue associated with it is propriety, which we can think of as timing but not well, it’s interesting because part of it is if we think about the heart and the lub dub of the heart, the heartbeat keeps time in our bodies.
Um, and we’re going to go a little bit deeper into, and you will have just heard this reiterated, um, through the five elements that it’s about the timing of our lives and the sort of spiritual connection that is brought into our lives and the timing also of ritual. And, and when I say ritual, I think it’s important to just give a little bit of a disclaimer that none of this is religious, but the words have spiritual connotation. And so sometimes it’s a little bit challenging to find words that are just completely, um, outside of the context, that, I think that has been kind of collapsed into religion. So none of this is meant to be religious. However, if you are religious, then please feel free to take it as, as part of your religious beliefs. It’s open to everybody.
So we’ll talk about Yin Yang first. Now the small intestine is the Yang organ to the yin heart, organ. You can see down here, This white part, this is considered yang and yang has the energetic nature of being upward moving very kind of light moves up towards the cosmos towards heaven towards divinity is functional is animated. And then we have the yin part, which is the black and the yin is more consolidating. It’s more solid. So it is considered our flesh. It moves downwards. It’s got more of a cold thermal nature, and it’s a very much about getting right deep into the earth. Like the core of the earth. You can see, see the white inside the black is yang within yin, and then the black within the white is yin within yang. Really important because this symbol means balance and harmony and balance and harmony exists because yin and yang are never separate. The only time they’re separate is in death. So when our spirit, which is yang in nature leaves our yin body, and those two things are separate. But In life, what we’re constantly seeking to do is harmonizing these two polarities and finding the middle way. So the small intestine is the yang organ to the heart, yin organ. And we can think about yin organs as being solid organs. And we can think about yang organs as being hollow organs. This is important because what the hollow yang organs do is they take in information from the outside world. They process that information. Then they decide what is essential to keep with us and to sort of pass on into that deeper yin essence, Organ. So in this case, the heart what’s important to get to the heart, what messages need to get to the heart and are important for our ultimate deepest wellbeing and what messages or what information is not essential is not necessary. And then gets further sent down in this case, the digestive tube for further refinement, and then ultimately the letting go back into the earth because it is not necessary for us.

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