Acupuncture, anxiety and the five-element theory

Those are the basics of the elements. The flow is that potential rises up from water, rises up to fire, where it connects with that cosmic purpose. This potential and purpose are married and come together and are really blended in through the wood element which moves us forward, and then once everything has grown the death cycle occurs so that we can be rebirthed into water and everything happens around the central axis.
The last little bit is this chart, which is not an exhaustive chart by any means, but you can see here the organs that are associated with each element, the colors, the seasons, the climates, the senses, the emotional capacities, the mental place that we’ll go or the mental tendencies towards each element. Have a look at this and just start to see what it is that you resonate with. Maybe listen to this back a little bit and go through these themes and start to identify, it might even be worth it to journal where it is that you identify with these themes. Start to just open that up as a potential and a place to start to look and go deeper with.
The one thing I didn’t put in here that I should mention is the virtues. There are virtues associated with each element and these are important because they are places to orient ourselves when we are attempting to find balance and ease from anxiety. Wisdom is the virtue associated with the water element. If we can be our fears and we can trust in the face of fear, that is how we cultivate wisdom. We and still move forward, it doesn’t mean necessarily pushing forward, it’s moving in a way that’s respectful and responsible with our own selves, it’s not just pushing through something and not acknowledging that there might be some risk there. It’s finding the flow.
The water is all about the flow, it’s finding the flow within that and it’s being radically honest with ourselves when we’re holding back and we’re frozen in fear, and radically honest with ourselves when we’re pushing through because mentally we think we need to get somewhere. It’s really being generous with working with the fear that we might be experiencing and it’s moving forward and trusting that everything will be okay in the face of that. That’s how we cultivate wisdom. Each of the elements have a virtue associated with them and we will get more into that within the individual videos. That is the five element theory, hopefully that explains and describes enough that we can start to move forward and understand the different pathologies. That is a very, very basic run through of the five elements.

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