Acupuncture and the five-element theory to ease anxiety

All of these beautiful officials, all of these organ systems, all of these elements are functioning around the central axis, which is the earth element. The earth element is related to spleen and stomach, it’s the primary element responsible for digestion, and it makes up our muscles and flesh, it makes up the bulk of who we are. Flesh being different from skin, skin is related to metal, but the flesh, the actual flesh of it all and the depth of the flesh is related to earth, because earth is the manifestation of all of these officials.
All of these inner dynamic workings that we can’t necessarily see, they come to fruition in the earth element. The earth element is like the farmer that sows the seeds and then eventually it comes to reap what it has sown, and so it’s the fresh fruit, it’s that fragrant freshness of everything that we can see and that we’re ready to consume into our body. It’s the manifestation of our habits, so how we live our live is going to really show up in how we feel physically, how we appear physically, how we demonstrate ourselves physically, the vehicle of our body and how it is that we actually move and bring our potential and our purpose forth, and how it is that we treat people and how it is that we can relate to the darkness, all of that is going to become very, very real within the earth element.
The earth element really holds everything together. If you look at it being in the middle, each element has a very deep connection to earth because earth is the gravitational pull in a sense, where it wants to hold everything together, it wants to hold everything close, and ironically in a pathological state it can be too sticky and hold things too close. Again, it’s all about finding the dynamic balance of the tension of not too sticky, but not too dry and loose, and can’t hold anything together.

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