Acupuncture and the five-elements for anxiety: The fire element

From the deepest potential of who we are, this deep potential in this will to survive is so strong and it so wants to be free that it rises up here, to the fire element. The organs related to this are the heart, small intestine, pericardium and triple energizer. It may be the first time you are hearing about those, don’t worry about those right now. For the purpose of going through the foundation of this we are just going to focus on the heart. The heart is related to the circulatory system. What do we know about the circulatory system, from a western perspective? We know that it moves blood between the heart and the whole body. It transports oxygen, nutrients, and hormones. Important chemical messengers of course waste removal, oxygen, just being able to breathe and survive because of course we can’t survive without oxygen, it keeps all of our tissues alive.

You probably really get a sense of it from the picture I just showed you but the blood vessels and the nerves typically travel together. This is interesting when we move beyond talking about these as separate entities because the water, so the kidneys, and the Heart, the fire, they have a very very very intimate relationship. They actually create this some sort of central axis that is what is constantly keeping us in motion in our lives. If it’s off for some reason it can create a lot of chaos in our lives. We’ll maybe go a little bit deeper into those things once we go through the individual videos.

Interestingly enough, in the Chinese system, the heart is considered the emperor. The emperor sits in the highest position, so remember that those kidneys were in the lowest position of the kingdom. It sits in the highest position so it’s in the closest contact with the cosmos. You can call this heaven, you call it cosmos, you can call it Universe, Spirit, whatever it is that fits your belief system. It sits in that highest position so it’s job is to be clear and conscious so that it can imbue Spirit clear conscious spirit light to the rest of the system. It kind of keeps everything humming along from that perspective. When the heart Emperor is off, maybe it’s been upset from trauma or relationships, or something it hasn’t been able to integrate like an emotional experience, the whole system goes into chaos. It’s very important that the heart is keeping time in our life. Of course, we know that that’s very much what the heart does, is that it keeps time right, it’s that lub dub. Of course there’s imperfections and variance in that because it’s always responding to life but as a general principle we want there to be regularity.

From the perspective of the circulatory system, when we look at the picture here, we can see that the circulatory system goes everywhere because we need to have blood everywhere. The way that we can translate this into the Chinese system is that the blood carries consciousness and spirit. It carries consciousness to all areas of our body.

When we are talking about something being out of flow, say when we are doing acupuncture, when we insert a needle we’re bringing flow to an area or we’re opening up an area where there might be an excess of energy. So there is some stagnated energy. We think of that as there not being enough life force in that area or there being too much and we need to open it up because it’s going to be affecting the system downstream. Anytime there’s an out of flow, whether it’s from that deficient state or that excessive state, we bring Consciousness. That’s going to be an area where there’s going to be…we can say darkness but darkness isn’t bad. I want to make sure that we don’t switch into ‘thinking oh well we need to bring the heart energy in because that’s the best stuff.’ No. We need the darkness. The darkness is our teacher 100%, it’s what helps us actually embody all of these lessons in life. It’s this marriage of bringing this consciousness into this darkness, this light and the dark come together in this beautiful alchemical stew. That’s what creates balance and harmony in our lives.

Fire houses that purpose that comes down from the cosmos. We have potential down here in the water element and we have purpose up here in the fire element. These two things, as I just mentioned, they want to come together. They have this natural affinity for one another and they are joined and they come together and they’re brought forth into our life via the wood element. Water and fire I mentioned create this axis, this central axis and we want it to be very stable. The wood element and the metal element which will talk about next, they are the transitional phases. They are what actually help to blend water and fire, fire and water.

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