Acupuncture points for Anxiety: The nervous system and the water element

What’s interesting is that the nervous system sends messages to each part of the body. Let’s move down into this piece. What do we know about the nervous system? We know that it consists of the central nervous system So that’s going to be the spinal column and the brain. And we also know embryologically so when we are developing in our mother’s womb, I think it’s three weeks or something like that the neural tube is beginning to form and it’s actually beginning to close off. It’s one of the very first structures that is formed when we are developing. So, it’s very core and incredibly important to who we are. What it does is it receives messages from the outside world and translates those and it sends messages internally of ‘okay we’re safe okay we’re not safe’. A lot of the themes with water then become about risk assessment. What is safe and what is not safe.

The other part of the nervous system is the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system branches off from the spine. There is the somatic piece, which is voluntary movements so basically, I’m saying “I know that I want to flex my bicep here and I want to bring my forearm up to my shoulder.” Then we have the autonomic which is the involuntary phase. That’s going to be all of the things that keep us alive like blood pressure like rest and digest like our heartbeat, all of those things. Further to that we have sympathetic and parasympathetic and this is where things kind of get interesting is that the sympathetic is like putting the gas on. It’s basically going into hyperarousal saying “holy crap there’s a threat here we need to get the hell out of here!” activates everything and it shuts down resting digesting anything that’s going to basically kind of keep us in that Lower State not Lower State that’s not the way to say it but that state of just being able to relax and chill out.

Then on the other side of this is the parasympathetic which is rest and digest and heal. Now it’s crucial that our nervous system is able to switch back and forth, depending on what time of the day it is depending on if there really is a threat. This is where it really gets stuck. In an imbalance state we constantly think that we are in a state of threat, we are constantly experiencing fear or we’re experiencing no fear whatsoever in a situation that actually is risky. This can sort of trip up this autonomic nervous system. Will go deeper into this with each of the videos but that’s the general theme of the water element.

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