Acupuncture Points for Anxiety; The Fire Element/Pericardium

Hello, and welcome back to another video blog series on acupuncture points for anxiety. Today, we go deeper into the fire element and more specifically the pericardium organ system and functional official. If you are here for the first time, thank you so much for joining me. And if you are a return visitor, thank you so much for coming back either way. If you do like this content, please do not forget to hit that subscribe button and feel free to share it with your people. The intention of this video or these, this whole video blog series is of course, as it States in the title. So plainly using acupuncture, acupuncture points, acupuncture theory, to help us mitigate experiences of anxiety as they arise. Part of this is opening up a new perspective. So part of the reason these videos are so long is that we go into the theory of Chinese medicine into how it is that Chinese medicine offers a new perspective thinks very differently from our Western context.

Western context is amazing. It is great. We have so much to be thankful for in it, but there’s other ways. And I believe personally and professionally anyways, that this is a really great system. It has been developed over thousands and thousands of years, and it is all about understanding how it is that energy moves spontaneously in nature. We are nature. So how is it that energy flows spontaneously within us? And what happens when that flow is impeded? What happens when that flow is blocked? What arises out of those experiences and how is it that we can find more balance, more harmony, more flow. When we talk about the energy of the unseen world, or sort of the energy in nature, we’re not just talking about the energy of the unseen world. We’re talking about. What is the experience? What is the alchemy? How is it that the unseen world gives rise to our seen world?

And most importantly, our experience, how we feel inside emotionally, physically, how are all of our systems work together? And so this is the beauty, the beauty of this lens. So we’re going to walk through, um, a couple of different segments in the video. First, we’re going to tap the pericardium Meridian, and I have paired it with a lower body Meridian because it’s important that we cover and traverse the entire landscape of the body. So we’ll go through that first. And we do that and please don’t skip this part. It is really important to wake our body up. It provides insights into what is actually happening in reality. We get to get out of our heads. We wake up our body and we can tune into where it is that we might feel blocked, where it is that we might feel in flow already, where it is that might need a little bit more attention.

When we go through these theories, especially when something’s new, it can just live inside of our heads and we chew it up and we, we reflect on it. And all of that is really important, really wonderful, but wisdom. And the true beauty of the wisdoms that are within Chinese medicine in the philosophies here are only really wisdoms. And they only become wisdoms for our own life when they are embodied. And this is why, again, we get into the body, we make the body the most important piece to get us. It is our vehicle. Of course, then there’s a fairly substantial chunk on the five element theory as a whole very important to go through this, especially if you have not been here before, because it makes sense of how it is that energy works in nature again, but also what’s the dynamic flow of all of the organ systems.

Chinese medicine is without question a medicine of relationships. So we’re always, when we want to get to that root cause of where we are oput of flow, we have to understand what it is that we’re feeling symptomatically and what we’re feeling kind of deeper within. So it’s all about looking at and balancing out those dynamic tensions that can arise in life. We’ll go then deeper into more specifics on again, in this video, it’s going to be fire element and the pericardium organ system. And then at the very end, there are some ways that you can help to, um, balance out this system through acupuncture points, through different lifestyle mechanisms and things that you can incorporate right away into your life, um, when you’re experiencing anxiety arise. So I will meet you over on the floor and we will tap our way through the pericardium Meridian.

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