How to ease anxiety with essential oils and acupuncture points

And then you can do lavender on pericardium six. So I have put a video at the very end of this, um, as to where pericardium six is super easy, right here, incur admittedly common per, um, acupuncture point for anxiety and incredibly common to see if you’re going to Google anything about how to help work with anxiety, acupressure points for anxiety. You’re going to come up with pericardium six almost every time. So it does mimic or mirror that spot that I was just talking about right underneath the heart and kind of just above the belly button, sort of where the stomach is and stuff. So it is incredible at harmonizing and opening up that space. I like to tap it, or I like to recommend people to tap it. If you need to, um, you could do some acupressure of just like rubbing it as well. And you can use lavender on here. So lavender is an incredible adaptogens, so many studies on it. We know that it is helpful for anxiety, but it does. It’s also a little bit cooling. So it will help to it’ll help the pericardium job of mitigating that fire from the heart. It will help to cool that whole system so that it can move in the direction it needs to move.

And Lavendar also has a little bit of a kind of green herbacious quality to it, as well as the sweet. And so the sweet helps to consolidate into the center. It’s very sweet is the smell associated with earth. And the green helps to kind of move and spread the Qi in all directions, which is exactly what we want to do when the heat is bound up. We want to open it up and spread it out so that the body can, um, integrate it. And then again, it’s got that cooling factor. So it’s going to help to cool all of the excess heat that might be present in this organ system. Um, and again, I mean, it’s just an obvious one for anxiety, you know, it’s so good too. So, um, yeah, I’ll show you where that point is. And I hope to see you next week. Take care.


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