Anxiety and Digestion

And so if our food is not breaking down properly within our system, then we have a tendency to feel fatigued that as well as my sense with her was that there was so much like polarity going on within her emotions, that she was also recruiting pieces of like the kidneys and the adrenals. And there was just, there was no consistency. There was no kind of harmony with this, right? And so she would need stimulants in order to get up in the morning and kind of keep up that energy and whatnot. Um, but the interesting thing too, is that when the heart energy is not moving down properly, so the pericardium, again, it mitigates that fire, right. And it helps to send it down to kind of not even just send it down actually, but sort of just to help it spread into the rest of the body.

What has a tendency to happen is there’s a block right in, you can’t really see it in this video, but it’s basically an area right around where our sternum ends and like our rib cage comes up and sort of the upper part of our stomach. There’s this area right in there. And the acupuncture point that I will share with you for anxiety is incredibly good at, uh, at an effective at harmonizing this area, a lot of stuckness can happen there. And so when that energy is not moving down properly over time, that starts to degrade the digestive system and the earth element. And then of course, when energy is not flowing, it’s not flowing. We’re not in zone. We’re, we’re, we’re fighting to find our energy wherever we need it, or we’re feeling too pent up. And so that pent upedness can, um, show up as anxiety.

And she did once I actually took her pulse and we talked through things a lot more. It became very real, um, pertinent or not pertinent, sorry. Um, very obvious, um, that she suffered from quite a, quite a bit of anxiety and a lot of anxiety specifically when it came to relationships. And so she would have to always do things to mitigate that sense of, of anxiety typically through drinking or, um, you know, other ways that she would just not have to really truly be in that vulnerable space, because what would happen is that she would get sweat. So all of this energy would start to come up. She would start to sweat and she would feel heart palpitations. And so that anxiety was just that heart energy was just going off and going wild. So, um, you can see from that, that if the energy is not moving down into the earth and the earth is also going to become dysfunction.

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