Acupuncture points for anxiety; Case Study/Pericardium

So let’s go into a case study here. So female 38 years old, her chief complaint was insomnia. Secondary was digestive disorders and feeling fatigued. So there had been a history of traumatic events, sexual abuse, and there was also a strong history of very tumultuous relationships. So just feeling betrayed a lot in her relationships with men.

Sleep. If you think about sleep, we sleep at night, night is Yin time and Yin is that consolidating earthing factor, right? And so what it helps the yang to do the yang is naturally drawn to the yin so that it can earth, but when there’s this disruption within the fire, um, and because the fire is in the domain of sort of all of our spiritual expression, the tendency is that there’s also a connection, um, to our conscious mind. Um, there’s a tendency for us to wake up at night, if there is an imbalance within the fire element, because the mind becomes active. And we say, you know, the spirit becomes really active at night when it should be settled. So very, very, very common when there has been, um, some sort of betrayal and, and safety issue, especially when we were children.

And so, interestingly enough, this was being perpetuated by this constant betrayal that she had been experiencing in her life through, um, these intimate relationships. It was like this fire was constantly building up. So first of all, the fire wasn’t flowing properly because of that initial trauma of sexual abuse. So there was already these interests in issues, sorry, with, um, with boundaries of being hot, being too cold, being hot, being too cold. And so the fire was just not flowing in general. There was definitely, um, these sort of responses of, as we dug deeper into it, where she would feel really hyper-sexual and then just be totally like shut off. So very much like that.

What happened is that the insomnia would get worse, the more stress she would become, and if she would get into a new relationship, she couldn’t sleep at all because it’s like her pericardium was consistently working to assess her level of safety. There’s so many more angles. I could go out with this, jeez, Louise, but I need to keep the videos somewhat concise. And then the secondary was the digestive disorders and the fatigue. Now what we’re going to find out when we learn how to balance out the fire and the pericardium is fire is the way to balance fire, especially when there’s been trauma is earth, earth, or earth. We need to promote the spontaneous flow of the fire down into earth. So the digestive system is under the domain of the earth element and the earth element in a lot of ways is responsible for, um, how it is that we’re seeking how our ability to feel nourished in our life and our ability to feel nourished in our life plays a big role in how it is that our food is actually breaking down in our system.

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