Anxiety and the Fire element

The interesting thing with that is that there’s there’s issues with being seen. So I’m just going to skip down here and the heart is our truest most authentic expression. So we can think about the fire element. And if you could just go back in your mind’s eye to the, um, five element piece as that water, that water energy kind of rises up to fire via wood. And what is all about that growth? You can think about fire as being our highest expression. So our most it’s like the apex of our expression. So think about the sun being at high noon, that is the apex of expression. And that’s very much what is related to us less. So with, with fire, sorry. And so the issues that surround it when there’s been, so say we’ve been seen, and there’s been an issue with that. So I’m thinking I’m, I’m trying to think of something other than the sexual example, but it’s just so freaking common with the pericardium that it’s hard not to.

So I’m just going to stick with that one. When somebody has seen us and they’ve wanted something from us and we haven’t evoked that, then there are issues around being seen. And we want to start to cover and hide who we are because we think that who we are, and our expression are just over. I’m just going around in my normal everyday life, or that expression is not safe. This is when behaviors of, um, shutting down. And this is heavily when anxiety starts to arise is that we feel like we are not safe from anything in the world, particularly whatever gender it might have been, or not even gender sorry, person, um, that it might’ve been who, you know, took that thing from us. I feel like I’m fumbling a little bit in this video. It’s a little bit uncomfortable to talk about. I’m not gonna lie. Um, so that’s the general theme though. Um, so there’s this issue with being seen. And so that expression starts to falter and there can be a lack of spontaneity. And so the heart wish is the heart wish. It just wants to express. It wants to love, it wants to be vulnerable. It wants to really feel the richness and the juice of life. But when that, when we don’t feel safe, the spontaneity and the spontaneous expression of who we are Suffers. So there’s that intimacy and, uh, intimacy and, um, and safety issue. I think I just went through that.

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