The Pericardium; Heart Protector


Now the pericardium is, like I said, also considered the heart protector. It mitigates heat away from the heart. So when the heart has become agitated and oftentimes it will become agitated because the flow of yin and Yang so that the fire moves down and in, okay. And it comes down into the water element and the water element was a few videos ago. Please feel free to watch that. And I also mentioned in the five element piece. And so it does that because that’s sort of that piece that will then become, generate who we are, like our flesh and our blood and, and all of it. Um, and so when there’s, no, that was the lack of flow. The heat builds up in that system and it becomes very, very, very agitated. So the job of the pericardium is to mitigate the heat away from the heart to protect the heart.

So you can imagine then that the central themes around this are going to be around hot and cold in particular. Um, but also we’ll sort of think about hot and cold in a sense as a metaphor. So in this case, there can be some major issues with intimacy because it is really the two space, the pericardium. So there can be issues with being hyper-sexual. So you can think about that as too much fire. So that fire has to go somewhere in a sense, and because there’s issues with intimacy, excuse me, in relationship, it oftentimes gets collapsed into too much sexual energy, or we can also be totally boundaried up and become very, very cold. And so there can be a lack of sex drive issues around boundaries.

When there have been betrayals of intimacy betrayals in general, betrayals between you and another person, what we have a tendency to do is want to protect the heart even more. And so there can be strong issues around either wanting to boundary up too much, again, that cold calculating kind of feeling, or there can be a total lack of boundaries. So we might need to be in constant, intense connection, even think about that connection as that heat, that warmth between you and another person. But it is when it’s in pathology, it’s so hot that it can kind of like burn the other person. So this might be somebody who, It’s like they can’t ever necessarily be alone. They can’t ever, they just need to be in this constant connection and it can become too much. You know, you’re kind of just like, if you think about a fire displacing out of control, you’re like, Whoa, just like, cool it a little bit. Isn’t it interesting how our language filters into all of these, uh, kind of psychic ways that we are so major issues around that. So the anxiety that can arise is when the body and the mind have not integrated past experiences. There are many ways that we can feel dysfunctional within the pericardium and that trauma. A trauma is really only a trauma if we haven’t, if our system has an integrated it and the heart is responsible for integrating emotional experiences. So when there has been a major betrayal and typically of a sexual nature, so there is a heavy, heavy theme of sexual abuse with pericardium out of balance when that has occurred, um, the body it’s like there’s too much heat that needs to be mitigated and throws the pericardium off in a sense.

Um, but it’s also because it’s that heart protector that it’s job it’s intuitive job is to keep the heart safe. And so when we have had another, we’ve had somebody come into our experience and basically violated boundaries, especially sexually, that gets really skewed. So that’s when we want to either again, boundary up or we, we think that, Hmm, how do I put this? Um, there can be a real sock lack of sexual boundaries, and there might be a propensity to sleep with multiple people in ways that aren’t healthy. There’s no judgment around that if that’s your personal preference and your personal choice, but because, because a lot of the life energy gets fueled into the sex drive in these cases, there’s, these would be like sex addicts, basically in an extreme way. But, um, even again, people who maybe just sleep around.

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