Circulatory System and its relationship to Fire

So let’s recap the circulatory system. So if you’re new to me, you will know nothing is one-to-one when it comes to Western and Chinese. It’s important to remember that because we really need to honor Western for what it is and Eastern for. What is it is there are places where there are potential overlap. And we know that because in this day and age with so many people practicing Eastern medicine and Chinese medicine, um, in the West, I think that there’s been a lot of correlation as well in the East. They practice a lot of, um, um, Western medicine. And so we can find ways where these, these systems and these medicines come together, but we may have to really make sure that we do not collapse the circulatory system as it is in Western medicine does not just equal the fire element.
However, what do we know about the circulatory system? Well, it moves blood between the heart and the rest of the body, right? The rest of the system, we know that the blood and the circulatory system are used for the transportation of vital substances. So oxygen hormones, um, all of our immune system as well. Um, so it brings nutrients to tissues and then it takes, and it removes waste. So there is hesitating and whether or not I should kind of go deeper into that theory a little bit. I don’t think so. I don’t think I will. So, um, and I put down here that the nerves and the blood vessels typically travel together. I just put this out of interest because if you look at a map of the blood vessels and the nervous system, um, all the nerves, there is again, not a one to one direct overlay map, but there are a lot of general, uh, the major components of each are, in very intimate communication and working together very strongly. This is relevant because we talk a lot about Qi and blood and Chinese medicine. And we can think about the Qi the nervous system and the blood being circulatory system. However, I have to say this, there is so much more to Qi and there is so much more to blood. It is not the beauty of the system, the system, and the perspective is that it’s expanded beyond the physical.
Okay. So fire, let’s recap a little bit about what we know in terms of fire. So we know that the heart is considered the emperor, and we have to talk about the heart in relationship to most of the fire, um, organ systems to make sense of it. So the fire element at the core at the center of it is the heart and the hardest considered the emperor and the emperor sits in the highest position of the kingdom in the closest contact with the cosmos. So in the closest contact with our cosmic purpose, if you will, and its job then is to imbue that spirit onto the rest of the system. So, as I said earlier, the triple Energizer pericardium and small intestine in a lot of ways are all responsible for making sure that that heart, that sovereign fire, that emperor or Empress stays secure in the center of the kingdom, because when it is off chaos ensues and when chaos ensues, then we go into pathology and you can imagine just in like an actual war setting, I guess if that person is not at the helm at the center is not strong, it’s not stable, then chaos and ensues everywhere else in the kingdom and there’s vulnerabilities And there’s weaknesses that come along with that.

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