Yin Yang Theory

But first let’s talk about yin Yang. So we have our yin organs and our yang organs. Now the pericardium is considered eight yin organ, and it’s paired yang organ is the triple Energizer. And if you don’t know what the triple Energizer is, don’t worry. Most people don’t. We will talk about that in the next video, do not worry about it for now. Um, it’s basically just how fire moves within the, the whole body. So how the energy is kind of being communicated within the entire body, but it’s a sort of an obscure Chinese medicine organ system that most likely you haven’t heard about before. So we’ll get to that another time. Pericardium, however, and the general function of union organs. It’s important just to go through this. So yin is the black part that you see up here and the properties of yin are more cooling and calming and sedate and really solid. So they kind of have this tendency to contract inwards. And then the white part here, those are the yang organs and yang are more hollow organs. It’s more about expansion it’s upward movement. And then within each major yin/yang part, we have the black in and amongst the white. So that is yin within yang. And then we have the white in and amongst the black, and that is yang within yin.
What this tells us is that yin and yang are never separate. They’re always communicating, always working together and to be in harmony, they all they’re balanced. There’s never a preference to yang. There’s never a preference to yin when there’s too much yin encroaching. And maybe everything’s kind of slowing down. What we want to do is we want to bring yang into the area to open it up when there’s too much yang, too much expensiveness, we want to bring the contracting properties, the earthy properties of yin in to bring that together.
So that’s what balance and harmony are. The yang organs being hollow organs typically take in information from the outside world, decipher it, process it, and they decide what is essential and what is not essential to then hand off. So what information is vitall to the inner yin organs, the inner, yin organs of essence, that sort of inner deepest part of who we are. This isn’t, we might not get into that as much, um, over the next two videos, but important to just, I guess, mentioned in general.

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