The Heart Emperor

All right. Hopefully, that makes a little bit more sense and put some context into this whole idea of energy flow within the body. Let’s get deeper into fire. Now let’s recap the organs that are associated with the fire element. We’ve got the heart, the small intestine, two videos have just been done on that past couple of weeks. Please feel free to check them out if you want to go deeper. Pericardium and then the triple Energizer. So some general themes around fire are the emotion being associated with it is joy and sadness. It’s all about the two space. So the space between you and another person, the space and the heat and the warmth that you experience between you, yourself and others also within yourself, but oftentimes between yourself and others, it’s all about the integration of emotional experiences and the virtue associated with it is propriety and propriety we can think about is timing.
And so the heart keeps time in our lives, keeps that cosmic divine time and sort of keeps everything moving with a sense of ease and flow and harmony. And when it’s disrupted, there can be chaos. So timing can just be off. Everything kind of feels inappropriate. We can’t really get our grounding and get our earth. And so the triple Energizer, pericardium and small intestine in a lot of ways, although every organ system holds equal importance because it’s all part of the web, They all are here to protect the heart in a sense. And so, interestingly enough, the pericardium is also called heart protector.

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