Acupuncture points and essential oils for anxiety

And then geranium on heart seven; geranium is a very, very floral essential oil. It’s funny. Because I find with this one, people love it or they hate it. It’s very strong so I would definitely do a dilution of it of five to 10% and you want to put it on heart seven. And so I’ll do a video on where heart seven is and we choose heart seven because it’s the earth point of the heart.

It’s just tying in this whole theme of earthing the heart. We might even, you know what, and you could actually even put it also on your abdomen. If you find, because I know like with a lot of anxiety with people, they get a lot of nausea or they can just feel yucky in their stomach. And so you could actually put the geranium also just almost as a soothing thing to do to kind of be in contact with your body, be in contact with your center and to bring that really rooting, geraniums quite it’s not necessarily thick, but it’s got a, it’s not like a floral note that yes, as much as it will kind of hit you for sure, really, really strongly it has a rooting quality to it or maybe not rooting, it has a centering quality to it because of its sweetness and the sweet flavor has a tendency to coagulate in the center.

It is the sweet flavor story is related to the earth element. And again, that’s in a few videos, but so it’ll help to stabilize that earth center and it’ll help to bring that heart energy. A lot of the flowers have to do with the fire elements in general so it’ll help to bring that heart energy down, to stabilize it into earth so that it can be transformed, so really nice one for that as well.

Okay, I think that is about it. I’ll see you in the other videos and I’ll see you soon in general.

Okay, you’re going to find heart seven at the transverse crease of the wrist so that’s this crease here. If you remember from tapping the heart, Meridian runs along the inside along the pinkie side here and heart seven, which is that earth point of the heart Meridian is right here. So then you’ll feel a bone here and then you just go to the inside of that and you will definitely feel a divot and the great thing with the acupuncture points. And when you’re applying essential oils and acupressure is you have a dimes radius.

You can go ahead and apply that geranium oil or any other oil that resonates with you onto that point and just lightly touch it. Light touch is very calming and we’re bringing in the qualities and the dynamics of earth and that downward movement and momentum that we want to help encourage with the heart Meridian so we want to earth that fire.

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