Balancing our Fire to help ease anxiety

Okay, so a few ways that we can balance out the heart then, earthing. So important, so, so important, so the natural flow of the heart energy is down, down and into the body because if it didn’t have that, it’s drawn towards the yin, right? The heart fire being kind of the most yang element and organ system it’s drawn into the earth, it has to have that yin yang balanced symbiosis. Otherwise, if it didn’t have anywhere to earth itself, it would just float up and float away. It wouldn’t have any relationship to anything. It wouldn’t have any responsibility to anything. I feel like there are so many things I could go into with this, but those are going to have to be for other videos.

Earthling yourself; wonderful to go and be in the earth with your bare feet and just feel into it. Don’t have any other distractions around you just be there. However, whatever sort of context, if you like to be in the woods or just in the dirt itself, doesn’t matter, but be in the earth and feel your feet and do everything that you possibly can to actually get into your body because there’s a tendency with fire imbalance to live in the head and to have a hard time getting into the body.

To work through your traumas because the heart is the organ system responsible for integrating emotional experiences to balance out the heart. If there is this sense of chaos, if there is a sense of sort of that really polar nature in response to your emotions, if you feel so over identified with your emotions, really important to be working with someone who is qualified to help you walk through those things.

And I mean, personally, I think that they should have a real context in it and a real understanding that how important it is to get into the body when it comes to trauma and have it not just be almost like in the head, right? With talk therapy, I’m a huge fan of talk therapy personally, but I also have a therapist or have had a therapist who understands the importance of embodying everything that’s going on. Integrating everything that’s going on through the body;

Breathing is going to be in every single one of these videos because we know so well how effective it is when anxiety is arising. And so when anxiety is arising, it’s also important to understand that how we talk about our experience really makes a difference and really matters also. When anxiety is a rising, if you have a tendency to say, oh my God, I’m anxious, I’m anxious. I’m anxious to me. If you’re over identifying with anxiousness, anxious feelings, anxiety being who you are, there’s a real stuck-ness to that and so we want to open up and create space. One of the ways that I am would encourage you to shift the way you’re speaking about the experience is to say, Oh, anxiety is arising because everything’s a wave.

Emotions are wave, experience is a wave, life is a wave, and life isn’t just like this. It’s not meant to be like this. We’re meant to be involved in it right? That we can grow and learn and experience all sorts of beautiful things and when we try to control our experience, we’re trying to control life. And I mean, I don’t know anyone who’s going to win that game.

So just being mindful of like, Oh, and noticing when anxieties arising, being really honest with it saying, Oh yeah, anxieties arising. And just noticing it come noticing it, go, just watch it pass, come and go and passes away. So the breathing, I think the easiest one to do is diaphragmatic breathing, which in diaphragmatic breathing is when you breathe in deeply through your nose and you breathe deep down into your belly, right into kind of the pit of that belly. And you want to, so you want to breathe in for four and out for six because we relax and we get into parasympathetic on our relaxed, exhale.

And diaphragmatic breathing you can visualize your ribs, moving out to the side as opposed to your chest kind of puffing up. And when we visualize that we open up the diaphragm so that again, that breath can get really deeply into our belly. In, for four, out for six, through the nose, deep diaphragmatic breathing.

Being on a regular schedule, the heart needs regularity and regular schedules are actually more about the earth element. So that’s going to be in a few videos down the road, but the earth element is what stabilizes in a lot of ways, the heart and how the heart is operating. And this is why it’s really important to earth ourselves. Especially if we are working through past experiences that we feel we’re kind of traumatized from, or we’re still sort of operating under the guise of in some way, very important because the body is where all of the integration happens. All of the integration of our life happens within the body and within the earth.

That should be always number one thing is to, when we feel like we’re in that state of chaos to find a place where we can earn ourselves and ground ourselves, unfortunately this has a tendency to be one of the most challenging things for fire imbalances.
That’s why things like eating regular; I’m sorry, keeping a regular schedule and eating in a regular manner. That’s going to be very nourishing for your body is so important for this, so important.

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