Acupuncture points for Anxiety; the Heart

So let’s bring some anxiety into this. Now it’s amazing to me actually how much people don’t talk about anxiety in the sense of, so she didn’t come in saying that she had anxiety, but she had anxiety. She experienced a lot of anxiety and I asked her this when I felt her pulse because of the way that she was showing up. And she confirmed it. So it’s always just so interesting because the amount of people that are walking around with anxiety as if it’s who they are as if it’s second nature and they’re just used to it it’s mind-boggling.

And I mean to one extent I understand it because how much do you focus on those things that are not going right in your life. Is that just one more thing that you focus on and feel overwhelmed by? I have a sense that maybe that was the case because there was all this other chaos that was going on so that was just a foregone conclusion that she would have an experience of anxiety. So she didn’t come in talking about it but because of all of these other themes and again because I confirmed it with her, she was always experiencing anxiety she was always experience these sort of upheavals in her body. It would show up as these palpitations or her heart just getting a bit tight and her heart starting to be a little bit agitated but then she would get into her mind.

So when the Heart, because she had fire imbalance what would get really activated would be her mind. So she would start to go into his fantasy and I think what was probably happening because it’s really intense to be with those feelings in the heart especially because the heart is so related to vulnerability and we feel almost, vulnerable to life. It’s uncomfortable. We just feel afraid and kind of sad and like I don’t know what to do. So our mind helps us it’s almost like our mind takes on some of that heat that excess heat that excess Energy because it’s too much for the heart to handle. And so a lot of anxiety that arises within fire element and the Heart specifically is related to us going into fantasy as a way to mitigate that heat and that extra fire that is generated out of the chaos. So again earthing into the body is the number one thing to do

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