Acupuncture points for anxiety case study; the pulse

When I took her pulse, as I was starting to say, there was a sense of chaos within it. There was not, it really lacked a regularity within the rhythm of it. And this is always how, I mean, the pulse is where everything comes together. I don’t go into the pulse here. There’s a decent video blog on it, on my site that you’re welcome to take a look at if you’re curious to hear more about that, but that’s how that’s the reality. The body doesn’t lie. The pulse does not freaking lie. And there was; so because there was this deep sense of chaos, it’s important in those scenarios to try to, illuminate the difference between thinking and reality and because there’s this highly intuitive component to the fire system, it can really get collapsed into arrogance, into the sort of spiritual arrogance of like, I know what’s best.

And one of the ways that you know for sure if this is maybe an issue for you or if you’re under a little bit of fantasy, if there’s a little bit of a disconnect going on is if you feel like it’s your responsibility to teach other people how to be, to teach them how to be more spiritual, you’re an ego. Everybody is responsible for themselves in that regard. It doesn’t mean that you can’t want to share. I mean, I’m here sharing all this stuff because I think this freaking medicine is god damn brilliant. And it’s just a way of understanding, but it’s not your job. It’s not your job to teach. It’s not my job to teach and that’s not why I’m here sharing as opposed to teaching; like you can take whatever you want to do with these things, so that’s a really great way to know if you are in ego or not. Is if the things that you think so strongly, if you think like, Oh my God, I know this thing that this person doesn’t know. If you think that you have the secret and you have the way good chance you’re in ego, you may have the way for yourself, but that does not give you any right whatsoever to push that onto other people.

Everybody has to find their own sense of that sovereignty and that heart and that purpose and potential. And that we’ll talk about benevolence when we get to the wood element.

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