Acupuncture points for Anxiety; case study continued

But so the acne was interesting because when fire is stifled and if you think about even, just the immense enormous power of the cosmos of the sun, all of that energy that is just radiating in there. If it’s not in flow, if it’s not moving properly, what’s going to happen? It’s going to stifle and it’s going to build and build and build, and that pressure and that tension is going to build and build and so that’s kind of acne that she had.

There were a couple sorts of things going on, but a big piece of it was that the fire was not moving. The fire was kind of, I mean, the body’s just so freaking smart, it’s going to keep the heart safe because the heart needs to be safe and it needs to be in harmony. We’ve developed all of these mechanisms with which to mitigate heat so that the heart stays healthy because if the heart craps out, we’re done.

What the skin was doing was the skin was kind of taking on some of that heat and trying to expel some of that heat because the skin of course is, our pores is, that’s how we actually get rid of heat in our body. What was happening though is that that heat was, there was so much heat that was stifled. And you can think about heat being stifled as just the heart being often in chaos.

It was kind of like blazing out of control all the time and so the body was just trying to like figure out how to balance that out because the body intuitively knows how to be in homeostasis or it strives to attain homeostasis and balance. So It was coming out in her pores as this hot red inflamed pustule, this pustule piece had something to do with the earth, but as these sores, as this acne, so that was really obvious.

We talked a lot about that, but then I thought it was so interesting. The pain in the rhomboids when she noticed it was when she was arguing with her boyfriend. Isn’t that fascinating? The image that I had was that her rhomboids were when she was so when she was arguing, so don’t forget small intestine meridian is the shoulder blades, small intestine is the gatekeeper to the heart.

What was her, what was coming into her experience was that, I mean, it’s more complex than the way I’m going to be able to describe it right now and it, but there was some sort of issue with safety. She was like, no, something’s not right here. I’m not safe. I need to exert boundaries. All of these different control mechanisms that she had developed over time. And it was showing up in pain in her rhomboids because again, one of the things that they do is they move the shoulder blades. I just had this image of her shoulder blade, kind of her rhomboids tightening up so that her shoulder blade was almost moving at over her heart space. Her back heart space almost says this wall to keep her protected.

It was very fascinating because she was also a yoga teacher and this can get always really interesting. She was again, 26 years old because she would use a lot of words like enlightened in reference to her. And I mean I don’t know anybody who’s actually enlightened who calls himself enlightened. And I certainly don’t know any 26 year old who are enlightened. And if you’re young and watching this, it doesn’t mean that you are not on that path to enlightenment, but wisdom and enlightenment and all those things, they take a long, long, long, long, long, long, long time and life experience really matters. Again, this was just sort of these things that were being pointed out, but I think because she had this association with yoga, what’s interesting. I just got nervous about saying that because I don’t want to offend anyone.

It’s interesting because she had this association with being a yoga teacher and she was new. She was new yoga teacher at the time. There was a lot of sort of the spiritual materialism that can manifest in thinking that just because you’ve done training you’re suddenly enlightened or you’re suddenly spiritual. And I hope that what she will learn over time is if she continues authentically on that path, which you’ve learned over time is that just because you do training, it doesn’t mean anything it’s actually taking and cultivating the wisdoms and actually starting to embody and earth them.

This was kind of the dynamic that was happening and it was interesting because she would talk a lot about how she would argue with her boyfriend because he wasn’t as enlightened. And I don’t think that she actually used that word in relationship to him, but how he would be, there were all these things that he would do that weren’t about him taking care of himself. And it really bothered her and she felt like it was her job to teach him. And yet there was a lot of drugs and alcohol that she was still consuming.

Again, there was just this real skewed sense of reality of what was actually going on in her body. It was so different from her experience in her mind. And this is one of the dangers is that we can get into a lot of fantasy. And so ultimately then when I took her pulse, so anyways, sorry, it was interesting that she said too, she felt like she was holding onto a lot of control because she absolutely was. That was that sensation of her rhomboids getting tightened up. She was like, oh, got to control this experience. Don’t want to let anything into the heart too vulnerable. Can’t do it and then she was trying to control her boyfriend’s behavior in that, and yet had no control over any of that stuff in her had any sovereignty of that within herself. Again, I mean, it’s beautiful, because people just like give you their pathology basically.

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