Fire Element; Heart Case study as it relates to Anxiety and Acupuncture

This was a woman I just saw her one time. She was a female, 26 years old and her chief complaint was acne. And she had acne more of the upper body, which is not uncommon anyways with a pattern of acne, but it would get really red, really inflamed. And it would, there would be like pustules and whatnot as well.

Her secondary complaint was pain in the rhomboids. And yeah, let’s just do this. I’ll show you. This is where the rhomboids are so they big piece of their job. The rhomboids are the, are the red part right here. They attach the shoulder blade to the spine. Big part of what they do is they move the shoulder blade and so the shoulder blade, if you think about where it is anatomically, it is in a sense it’s kind of over our back heart, let’s say, and the shoulder blade, a lot of the acupuncture points that are in there are actually the small intestine Meridian. And if you remember, the small intestine is like the gatekeeper to the heart, right? It’s taking in a very, just intuitive and unconscious way it’s taking in that information. That’s being transferred in onto the heart. This is going to be relevant in just a second.

Let’s go back to the case study here. She felt like she was holding on to a lot of control and there was a significant amount of drugs and alcohol in her life.I kind of wish I could go through the entire case study, but that would take a long time because there was words that she would use in this happens all the time. It’s amazing how much pathology is in our language if we just know what to look for. She would use words like I want to get out of this job because it’s too casual because she really had a desire to want to start to take her life more seriously and to get on track. And she knew something was up. I mean, that’s why she was there

But there was a lot of identification with the mind going on. And so I didn’t, I only actually ever saw her once, which is very common. Also when there’s a separation of the sort of body mind, because the heart is, and the fire element itself, they are more related to intuition or they’re more sort of in they’re like the resonance or the energy of intuition because it’s so spiritual understandings; it’s that sort of insight. It’s that flash of like, oh, there’s just that knowing,.

And so what happens when there’s a separation when we’re not actually in reality with our body. Our body is earth. Our body is actually what’s happening. Then we have a tendency to think, Oh, my intuition is stronger than this person’s and I’m not going to listen because I know what’s best. And this gets tricky because it’s definitely not my job to tell somebody what their intuition is but when you can see very clearly that things are separate. It’s an interesting space to try to have conversation in. I mean, there’s never any point in making anyone wrong. And so how is it that you have that conversation when you see that things are off and very skewed to try to marry this idea that like, I understand you have strong intuition and whatnot, but what’s actually showing up in physical reality is not consistent with what you think is best.

What has a tendency to happen is people don’t come back after that because they think that, I think they think I’m probably being pushy and controlling or something. Anyways, it’s a constant practice and a constant experience of how to just begin space with people right? You win some, you lose some actually it’s not about winning and losing it all.

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