The Heart in disharmony

When the fire element is in disharmony and particularly the heart, as much as the heart has to do with that two space and with others, it’s more about the warmth that’s generated within. And so this plays a really big role in how it is that we actually see ourselves. It’s not necessarily that we’re in conflict with people in relationship, although that shows up as well, it’s this direct conflict within self.

And I think I want to explain that actually through the case study, because the case study that I’ve chosen really highlights a lot of what we’re talking about here, but the behaviors associated with that then is that we might feel like we want to isolate ourselves. And if you think about everything as a wave, right? Everything that’s moving is like a wave, right? There’s this ebb and this flow constantly. That’s flow we talked about that in water, the water videos, if you want to go back and watch those as well. When that flow is sort of disjointed when it’s not flowing as it properly, should, one of the things that happen with the fire element with the heart in particular, because it integrates emotional experiences, is that our emotions get very, very, very stuck.

Other organ systems can be responsible for that. Again, kind of take this with a grain of salt, but because the heart is the emperor and it’s sort of the domain of that spiritual and emotional experience and emotional integration, we can get stuck in sadness. We can get stuck in joy and so one of the most common behaviors is that we feel a little bit, maybe I was going to say bipolar, but I don’t want to make light of people like who are actually bipolar, but it is actually that kind of, you can think about that almost as like the overarching theme in that we get very identified with how it is that we feel so much so that we can’t bring in other perspective.

And we can’t necessarily separate ourselves from that feeling just enough to take a little bit of space to say, Oh, I can see what’s going on. I can see that my reaction to this person is actually more about me than it is about them. If somebody is doing something to you, then we want to, you know, project out that experience. But when we actually take responsibility for it, we say, Oh, I see what’s happening. This person appears as though they’re pushing my boundaries. Let’s say because it’s a big theme when it comes to fire, but actually what’s happening is that that boundary within my own being is not established. I’m not respecting that boundary and I’m getting really angry at everybody else because they’re not respecting that boundary. So there’s a lot of I mean, it’s the sovereign fire it’s actually called. And so there’s a lot of sovereignty that comes along with balancing the heart. And that requires a heck of a lot of willingness to take self-responsibility, to take responsibility for self rather. There’s a skewed sense of intuition. And again, I want to explain this through the case study so let’s get into that.

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