The Heart and the Circulatory System

In the Western perspective. Now, if you’ve seen my stuff here before then you know, no hard fast rules take everything with a grain of salt. There’s no direct correlation of the Chinese system to Western systems, but there is some overlap that we know about. And we’re going to just talk about the overlap. Please hold that complexity within your mind when you’re listening to these videos that it’s not a direct one to one.

But the circulatory system is related, shockingly, to the heart. And so what we know about the circulatory system is that it moves blood basically between the heart and the rest of the body. Now it’s used for the vital the transport of vital substances, of course, oxygen and hormones. It brings nutrients to tissues and waste removal. And I highlighted this in the five element piece, the way that we can think about this because there’s such a direct correlation and relationship to the spirit with the heart is that this is how we bring spirit, but not even just spirit, just conscious awareness. Remember that piece around the consciousness of the mind being a direct reflection of the heart; we bring consciousness to areas, to areas where there might not be flow.

One way that you can think about stagnation and just getting flow moving, is that when there’s not any flow happening. The blood is very, let’s say yang in nature, even though it’s a substance. And we can think about that kind of as yin and substance its actual movement is very yang. And so when we want to bring flow to an area to say through acupuncture, acupressure, the tapping, movement exercise, we’re bringing consciousness, we’re bringing awareness, we’re bringing flow to an area so that it can basically open up. It can come to life again and I see this all the time that the pieces of ourselves that we’ve shut down, those are the pieces that need the flow brought to them, like literally. People will come in with digestive disorders that say are hormone disorders. And to some extent, yeah there’s a huge just portion of physiology that’s going on that we want to work with, but there’s always a reflection because there’s no separation between the body and the mind, like none.

There’s always some sort of direct reflection between what’s happening in the body and a piece of us that is not integrated yet. And so bringing the flow ideally is then, what’s going to bring that integration. We want to get that blood moving so that we have that conscious awareness into the areas where we might be falling asleep a little bit, or we might be just totally pushing away.

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