The consciousness of the Heart

So the heart is considered the emperor and there’s this word in the Chinese language called xin. And that’s oftentimes translated as heart but the thing to know about that is that it’s actually heart-mind. And so there’s not really a separation of the heart-mind in the system. The mind is a reflection of the heart we say, and it’s not necessarily the mind as we might think about it in the Western way, although it is responsible in a lot of ways for sort of bringing conscious awareness to. It’s very much related to the forebrain and it’s responsible for bringing consciousness into our experience, but the clarity of our consciousness and the clarity of our mind is a reflection of the heart.

And so I’ll get into this a lot more when we get into the case study, I find this one super fascinating, because the interesting thing with the mind and its sort of executive function of making decisions is that when there is this body-mind separation, so this heart-mind separation or this heart-mind is harmony rather there’s a huge dis-preponderance, is that the word I’m looking for people to think that they absolutely know what is best for them, for everybody else, but there’s something that’s off.

There’s an incongruency with how they’re living their lives and what they actually think is the right thing to do. And they’re very identified typically with their mind when there have been a lot of emotional experiences that haven’t been integrated. And so the way that they think that they’re living, they think that that’s actually reality, but it’s not. Again, we’ll get into that more when we get into the case study.

It’s that two space again, not that warmth and how it is that we connect with the world around us, but also particularly with the heart in terms of our own warmth that we have towards ourselves, what is a relationship to how we see ourselves? What is our relationship to how much we actually truly love ourselves? And we know how much we truly love ourselves based on our daily habits in my experience anyways. I’m not just personally, but professionally, if there’s an inconsistency with that.

And it’s so fascinating because we live in a time where there’s spiritual talk all over the place. And because people know with their conscious mind that it’s important to love them. I hear people say all the time, I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. And yet they’re doing things in reality to their bodies, to their minds that are not actually nurturing to themselves. So again, this is where we get into this whole thing around the mind being actually quite separate and almost in fantasy of the reality of what’s happening. Microcosm; microcosms of self and other things; I think we covered that.

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