Emotional associations with the Heart and Anxiety

The emotion associated with fire is joy and sadness and so this is the sort of joyous feelings that will feel in the heart. And then of course, if the heart is feeling hurt in any way, we typically feel sadness. There’s connection with others is a really big part of the fire element. And we’ll go deeper into this when we talk about pericardium in particular; however, the Heart is being the sort of sovereign emperor fire. It’s the warmth that is generated between people. Not even between people, jeez, between animals, between how it is that we feel when we’re out in the woods. So between anything that’s even animate, inanimate, it doesn’t matter. It’s the warmth that we generate and the connection that we feel in our life towards ourselves, for sure but then also towards everything that’s outside of us or appears to be outside of us. There’s the integration of emotional experiences, the Heart is considered the emperor and the emperor sits, I mentioned this in the five element piece, the emperor, then if you remember, sits at the highest position in the kingdom and its job is to be in direct connection with our spiritual experience of our existence.

And because of that, well, not necessarily because of that in particular, but because it’s constantly engaging in that sort of intangible piece that we gain from our life experience, there can be traumas that occur that sort of throw the heart off a little bit. So ideally the heart’s going to integrate the emotional experiences that we have, and it’s going to go on and it’s going to absorb those and it’s going to create richness within our life. But when there has been something that has been so shocking, let’s say the heart and the heart gets shocked, then it sort of that ability or that resonance of its timing of keeping timing in our life, which is the next point, keeping kind of that lub dub consistent will get thrown off. And it’s really interesting what happens when the heart’s thrown off.

And there’s a lot of anxiety that arises, of course, as you can imagine, because I mean, anxiety has so much to do with the heart. The heart system and how the heart is the heart in chaos, or is it keeping timing in the entire kingdom? And because it sort of dominates that sense of timing in the entire kingdom, if it’s off then other organ systems and in a sense, their timing can also be off it also imbues spirit because it’s in that most direct contact with the cosmos it imbues spirit onto the rest of the organ system. So with Chinese medicine, it’s not just about the physical organ, and this is part of its beauty. It’s about the physiology obviously, but it’s also about the consciousness of the organ system. It’s that it’s this recognition that certain emotions have an affinity for different organ systems, but even our ability to experience those emotions is going to be reflected in the health of the organ system itself.

Now, when I say that, I don’t mean necessarily like if you, and I’d have to say this as kind of a disclaimer to people all the time, when they come in to see me, what I’m talking about is function for the most part. It doesn’t mean that eventually over a long period of time, these things will become very physical and can manifest as say, some sort of cardiac failure or cardiac, serious cardiac functioning. But typically when I see people and when there’s, unintegrated emotional experiences, it arises first as anxiety. But I mean, think about any organ system that’s going to be in stress over a long period of time. That’s eventually going to lead into the denser tissues, right? The physical, actual physical structures themselves.

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