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Welcome to this video blog series. This is the third video in our series. During the series, we will be talking about acupuncture points for anxiety. Today we begin by talking about the Fire elements and its related themes; intimacy, love and purpose. We start with none other than the Emperor/ress itself, the Heart organ system.

We also dive deep into the five element theory. It is crucial that you understand some of the basic theories of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture points in order to understand which points and oils to choose when you are experiencing anxiety.

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February 10, 2021

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Below is a transcript of the video.



Acupuncture Points for Anxiety; The Fire Element/Heart

Welcome to another video blog. Today, we are talking about the fire element and the heart organ system. If you are here for the first time, thank you for joining me. If you are a return visitor, thank you also for joining me. Either way, hit subscribe if you like this content.

Today, we’re going to talk about the heart as it relates to anxiety and how anxiety arises when there is an imbalance within the heart system and the fire element, according to Chinese medicine. What’s the purpose of this video and why would you even bother to watch it? Well, the Chinese system is an integrative functional system, so it’s really for people who are interested in learning a new perspective, in understanding how our environment at large is a reflection of our inner environment and how the energy of the unseen world manifests as the seen world.

How is it that all of the things that are going on around us, how is it that the interactions that we’re having with other people, how is it that our own inner thoughts and our own inner dialogue are giving rise to how we experience life physically and physiologically? And then how is it that we can balance out those things?

What I hope to accomplish with you today and in this entire series or anything that I ever talk about online is beginning to understand how it is that the body and the mind are integrated as a whole. We’re going to the structure of the videos is that we will get into our body first. This is imperative for all of the elements, but particularly actually the heart element. And we’ll talk; we’ll go into why that is at the end of the video.

We’re going to tap out, sorry, the meridians now the heart Meridian is only actually the upper body Meridian. What I’ve done, because I think it’s important to go through the entire system and really sort of tap and wake up the energy or the Qi of the body as a whole. I have paired it with its paired lower body Meridian. I’m not going to go into any of the theory around that, because that’s kind of a whole other topic, so just follows along as we go through. We’ll do a few passes and I encourage you while we’re tapping to tune into how you feel, how you feel beyond the actual physical tapping along your skin. When you notice that the energy is getting moving a little bit, and you start to sort of wake up just experience or try to understand what your experience is. You don’t have to know all of it. You don’t have to dissect it down to the nth degree or anything, but just tune in tune into what it is that you feel like.

Tune into if you notice that there’s any blockage tune into, and if there’s any painful spots tune into any places that might seem more awake than not. These are all key indicators as to where it is that you might be out of flow and where it is that you can then focus on. So we start with the wisdom of the body because it’s so easy for everything to live in our heads. And the fire element in particular has a deep relationship to the mind. Again, we’ll go further into that towards the end of the video. And I go into that in this in the first five element chunk that we talk about. So earthling into our physical structure is one of the best things that we can do to balance out an imbalanced fire Meridian. So we’ll do that and then I’m going to go through and explain there’s about a half an hour chunk on the five elements itself.
And it’s really important to go through this content because what we want to understand is what the spontaneous flow of energy in nature? Because this is how we start to understand what it is that we need to promote and how it is that we need to promote the flow of the body. All of the organ systems and all of the meridians, they don’t flow in the same direction. So for instance, the heart it’s natural, spontaneous flow is that it descends and it descends into the body for a whole bunch of different reasons. That’s what we want to promote.

Whereas there is other organ systems that maybe they move the Qi in all directions so that’s what we’d want to promote. It’s really important that you go through and you understand that it’s not all just about one directional flow. And again, this is the beauty of how it is that we can open up multiple perspectives because the Qi needs to move in all directions all the time. Then we’ll go deeper into the heart itself. And I have a case study in there. I’ll talk a lot more about the themes that are related to it and then a few things that you can do to balance out your fire element and or heart system. If you’re feeling like that’s imbalanced, so that said, I will meet you over on the floor and we will tap our way through the heart Meridian. And then it’s corresponding lower body Meridian.

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