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This video is a summary of the past 6 weeks. The regular videos are LONG and if you are new to Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements you may be feeling overwhelmed and not know where to start.

This video will help. If you want to go deeper into one of the elements/organ systems that may be out of balance here are links to each of the videos.

The Water Element/Kidney – Fear and the freeze response

The Water Element/Urinary Bladder- Fear and the GET OUT OF HERE response

The Fire Element/Heart – Joy and our connection to self and purpose

The Fire Element/Small Intestine – Our ability to discern what comes into the “Inner Queendom”

The Fire Element/Pericardium – The 2-space and intimacy

The Fire Element/Triple Energizer – The social butterfly & connection with others

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Element Cheat Sheets

Water Cheat Sheet

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Below is a transcript of the video.







Acupuncture Points for Anxiety; Summary

Hi this week, we are going to just go through a summary of the past six weeks. I know that the videos are long. There’s a lot of information and you might not know really where you want to go or where to start. And I know that we’re all busy and we don’t always have time to watch an hour and 20-minute video. So he, this video is just meant to be short. We’re going to run through the first six videos. So we’re going to go through the basics, themes of water, fire, more distinction in terms of, uh, the organ systems so that you can, uh, know if you want to go deeper into one of those videos from the past. I’ll also include cheat sheets. So cheat sheets, in terms of the themes, the emotions, the sort of behavioral components that can arise, uh, in the email and, and or on the blog, I suppose.

So if you want to check those out to get even more specific, please feel free to do that. All right, let’s begin. So we’ve gone through water and fire so far. So the basic themes around water, the emotion is fear and the basic themes around it are this survival instinct. So the distinction between the kidney and the urinary bladder, cause these are the organs associated with water. The kidneys have a tendency. There’s no hard fast rules. Please remember that. But there’s a tendency with kidney, pathology to go into more of a freeze response. So that means that the response is going to the, the fear and anxiety that can arise with kidney out of balance is going to be more, it’s going to be quieter. It’s going to be maybe more, I want to say subdued, but there’s just this sense of like feeling paralyzed.

Like you don’t know what to do. There might even be, it might be come along with a sense of overwhelm. It might come along with a sense of sort of fear. It might come along with a sense of not feeling totally safe. So the response, regardless of the reason, yeah, is paralyzing is frozen in fear. And so you’ll get into cold being the association, associate or association with, uh, the climactic factor that’s associated with water as well and whatnot. So if that’s kind of more your flavor, check out that video. Now the urinary bladder, its expression is much more. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, don’t stop. Don’t actually stop and tune in and reflect to what’s actually going on within your body’s energetic system. And even if you have enough energy, so that the best way to picture this one, I find is imagine somebody driving down a highway as fast as they can, and you’re just the bystanders seeing them.

And so they’re going as fast as to speeding down the highway. So there, the impression is that their foot is on the gas as heavily as it can go, but the gas tank is empty. So there’s a real sense of depletion, but there’s their instinct as opposed to freezing is more to get up and go is to want to bring something forth. And so the fear around that can be, I need to bring my potential forth. Otherwise my life is going to be worthless. So the hardest thing for these people to do is to sit still. They think that they’re being unproductive. Um, they think that they’re not worth anything. This is how they prove their worth is by doing, doing, doing, doing, doing. But there’s a sense of overwhelm. There’s a sense of depletion. And because there’s this lack of tuning in to what’s actually in flow for their lives, they can feel like they constantly hit walls and barriers, or, um, they’re just kind of running on a treadmill, you know, but not really getting anywhere.



And then we have have fire. There are four parts to fire, which is why they make up a big portion of the five elements. Uh, and that is there’s four organs associated with it. So the general theme, the emotion is sadness and joy. There’s also a whole spiritual component of fire, but I go deeper into that into the, in the video. So the themes are connection to self and to connection to others. So bringing warmth into our own lives, bringing warmth into our connection with other people. So we start with the heart, which is considered the emperor. So that’s the deepest yin organ in the fire system. Now the themes around heart in are really about connecting to self. And when we say connecting to self, it’s also connecting to our purpose. Um, yeah, let’s say more about that. Um, however, actually just for differentiation, the way that you can know that this might be a little bit askew as you, if you feel like you aren’t connected to your purpose, like you kind of, and you go to others for validation and, or just your general sense of feeling connected, you have to go outside of yourself to do that.

There’s a good chance that there’s something going on within the heart system. So the small intestine, which is considered the gatekeeper or the Envoy to the heart. And so this is considered literally what information gets into the upper kingdom, into the heart, into what’s called the Heart considered the emperor and the themes around this can be around confusion, distortion and an inability rather to discern information that’s coming in and whether or not we pass it on to the emperor or whether or not we sort of let go of that through the rest of the digestive tube, big, big things around hearing, and it might not be literal. But what I mean is that you may, somebody may say something and you will interpret it as skewed as completely different from what they actually intended. This is a really easy way to know if the small intestine is the piece where you need to focus on and or what you say is received is not received in a way where you feel understood.

So it doesn’t mean that you’re in a fight with your friend or your partner or something like that. And you just have opposing views. It means that they literally are not able to understand what it is that you’re trying to communicate. So there’s this distortion, um, and confusion that goes along with small intestine and it is all about communicating the heart wish. So there can be again, themes around this and, and it has this tendency because fire is all about connection with self and other is we even seem and feel confused. So we can’t necessarily tap into our intuition what our intuition is telling us, because we’re always sort of needing this validation from other people and, or we’re not sure that, um, the, I guess the, the signs or the clues or the information that’s coming in, we don’t know that we can trust that because it all feels confusing.

So we just go into the state of perpetual confusion. Then we have the pericardium, which is the heart to protect, or this one is all about intimacy. So relationship in an intimate setting and all of the heart stuff that goes along with that. So the heart protector sort of mitigates this excess energy from the heart to keep the heart safe, hence why it’s called heart protector and the themes around that, are you really from one extreme to the next, or either going to be those Gates are just totally shut off. The Gates of the heart are totally shut off. There’s no warmth whatsoever in that enables the person to connect intimately. A lot of issues around vulnerability, feeling safe, probably boundaries being crossed. There’s a really good chance that there’s been some sort of sexual abuse in the past. It’s created this. This is the one element that has the most tendency, I would say towards, um, past history of, of sexual trauma.

Um, that’s pretty broad, but just kind of grain of salt with that. So those are some of the big issues. And then the other, uh, the swing side to that would be that there’s just this fire blazing out of control and it constantly needs to connect. And if it doesn’t, then it’s just super emotionally reactive to when somebody, they feel like somebody is kind of taking their love away or leaving them or whatnot. And then the triple Energizer, which is really the gatekeeper to the pericardium. But we want to think about the heart as sorry, the fire element does it being heart, small intestine, um, pericardium, heart protector, and then triple energizers. There’s those kind of these three Gates really to the inner kingdom of the heart and the triple Energizer themes with this are going to be lack of there’s the social butterfly, lack of depth with other people socially, and then definitely intimately.

So it’s like they can’t even, whereas pericardium sort of, they run their rub is within intimate connection and vulnerability with say one other person, maybe two, but the triple Energizer is more, it, it sort of expands that circle goes to more of the social components. So not only is there a lack of depth in the people that, you know, and kind of the surface people that you know, but nobody really is getting into that inner kingdom. So there’s almost this sense. I find with triple Energizer at a balance that nobody really knows this person because they’ve just, won’t let anybody get in. Um, so they really, really, really keep it surface. Um, don’t go into any kind of vulnerable conversation truly. Um, yeah, but yet they need that connection with other people. So there can almost sometimes be this like false sense of vulnerability and authenticity. It’s super interesting the way it shows up anyway, uh, that is the basic review, the basic summary. So again, I’ll put cheat sheets in, uh, onto the blog or onto the, um, email. However it is that you’re seeing this. And, uh, hopefully that helps. I’ll see you soon.