Acupuncture for Jet Lag




3-5 am

Lung 8



Large intestine 1



Stomach 36



Spleen 3



Heart 8



Small intestine 5



Urinary bladder 66



Kidney 10



Pericardium 8



Triple Energizer 6



Gallbladder 41



Liver 1


On a recent trip that took me across a 16 hour time zone, I experimented with a simple acupuncture jet lag protocol that included an essential oil blend and some melatonin.

The theory is based on the Chinese Medicine organ clock and it’s corresponding horary acupuncture points.

Each organ system has an associated 2-hour period during the day. These times are associated with our natural circadian rhythms. For example, 5-7am is Large Intestine time whereupon waking the balanced function would be to have a bowel movement. 7-9am is Stomach time which is usually the time most people have breakfast.

The horary points, which are listed in the chart above, are the elemental acupuncture point on the meridian of the same element.

Let me explain that further.

Each organ and meridian is associated with 1 of the five elements: water, fire, wood, metal or earth. Along each meridian, we have associated water, fire, wood, metal or earth acupuncture points. For example:

The stomach meridian is an associated earth meridian and along this meridian, we have water, fire, wood, metal and earth points. This allows us to treat whichever relationship is out of balance. So to find the horary point we would look for the earth point on the earth meridian, in this case, that is Stomach 36. See the chart above for the other correspondences.

In the acupuncture for jet lag protocol, we support the organ/meridian at the time or our destination. Pressure is applied every two hours.

For example. Let’s say your destination is 12 hours ahead of your place of departure. You board the plane at 9 pm and your destination time is 9 am. You would begin as soon as you board stimulating Spleen 3, the earth point on the earth meridian at the Spleen/Earth time of day AT YOUR DESTINATION, in this case, 9 am. 2 hours later you would stimulate Heart 8, 2 hours after that Small Intestine 5 and so on until you reach your destination. You can stimulate these points on both sides of your body for 2 minutes each.

Other things you can do

  1. You can also try a blend of lavender, lemongrass, basil, marjoram, and clove. I also added some magnesium chloride – Magnesium helps regulate melatonin. I made an emulsification with aloe vera juice. I’ll add a separate blog on the benefits of these oils and why I chose them for jet lag.
  2. Take melatonin. Studies like this one have shown that taking melatonin at the bedtime of your destination is effective on flights that take you more than five time zones away. It is most effective when traveling east and at a dosage of 0.5-5mg.

To summarize:

  1. Apply acupressure for jet lag every 2 hours for  2 minutes to the point that corresponds to the time at your destination.
  2. Make a jet lag roller bottle of essential oils and magnesium.
  3. Take melatonin

All in all my experiment seemed effective and I have treated people using the jet lag protocol with needles, all who have reported positive effects.

Let me know what you think and any feedback you might have.

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