Acupressure Points for Anxiety

A quick recap on our series Acupressure points for Anxiety. We’ll briefly summarize, the Wood, Metal, and Earth Element in this short video. Acupressure is an easy and safe way to treat yourself at home when you experience anxiety arising.




Acupressure points have long been used to ameliorate the effects of anxiety.

This study shows its efficacy at reducing anxiety in patients scheduled for surgery. Healthline, a popular resource for all things health-related shares 6 points to help with anxiety. 

Welcome to this video blog series.

This video is a summary of the past 6 weeks. The regular videos are LONG and if you are new to Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements you may be feeling overwhelmed and not know where to start.

This video will help. If you want to go deeper into one of the elements/organ systems that may be out of balance here are links to each of the videos.

The Wood Element/Liver – The Visionary Life Planner

The Wood Element/Gall Bladder – The Decision Maker

The Metal Element/Lung – How We Experience Value

The Metal Element/Large Intestine – Refinement and Letting Go

The Earth Element/Spleen – Our Ability To Feel Nourished

The Earth Element/Stomach – Our Ability To Feel Earthed

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Acupuncture points for Anxiety transcript



This is going to be a recap summary video of the last six elements that we well, three elements that we did in six videos that we’ve done so that we can recap. I know that the videos in the, in the whole series are pretty long. And so this will be a good way for you to just tune into the basic themes, the basic emotional structure of them. And so, you know, if you want to go back and actually watch the entire video, so we’ll start up here with wood. So the themes around wood are marrying purpose and potential. So wood element people would out of balance, they hold the vision. So if there’s a lack of vision or there’s almost a, and it’s such an intense drive to attain the vision that we would feel like we need to bulldoze through everything in order to get that good, good chance that woods being out of balance in a certain way, but the specific theme.

So the organs associated with wood are liver and gallbladder, the emotion associated with wood is irritability and frustration out of balance. Of course. So liver themes specifically are going to be the actual goals themselves. Do we actually have a vision for our lives? And if so, what’s the motivation and everything occurs really on this spectrum of excessive and deficient. So in the excessive way, this might show up as, um, needing to be, right? So basically that’s, again, that’s kind of bulldozing through everything that life throws up, whether that’s people, um, differing, from your opinion, whether that’s culture different, from your opinion, whether that’s literally just obstacles is that life kind of feels like it’s throwing up that are inanimate even. And how is it that we meet those moments? Do we find creative ways around it? Are we, again, try to bulldoze our way. So really wood is all about our way being the right way and to find harmony and balance with it.

We want to find creative ways and we want to work with the whole, you know, complex array of life, gallbladder themes around decision-making. So the gallbladder is the decision-maker to the liver. So it basically takes in the information from the outside world and it decides what’s necessary for the bigger vision for that bigger purpose and potential to bring forth. So the themes around this are typically going to be excess of decision-making inability to make decisions sense of overwhelmed because they see everything as a decision. And again, that can either be they have too much on their plate, or there’s too much out there that they just feel frozen, that they can’t make that decision. So there can be that sense of overwhelm. And because of that, there is a deep sense. Oftentimes with these people, a frustration can even turn into resentment and anger towards the things and or people that they’re happening to make all these decisions about or that they feel responsible for I suppose.

Acupuncture points for Anxiety continued

Then we have metal and the themes of metal or value and refinements. So the emotions are grief, sadness and inspiration, inspiration being more of that balanced perspective, because of course the lungs through breath inspire, they inspire the cosmic energy into our experience. So the organs associated are the lung and the large intestine. Now the lung themes around this are typically that they’re going to be very, people are going to be very, very, very sensitive, sensitive to their surroundings, sensitive to those around them sensitive, to those around them, sensitive to just the kind of feelings, the general feelings, um, in the air almost. So there’s a real felt sense about the metal element that is intangible, but very, very present. And so lung people have a tendency to feel that. And so they can very easily feel overwhelmed just from being outside. Like they, there’s this constant sense of sort of this exposure and because metal is about the refinement process, it always has something to do with value. So what are we placing our value on? Is it material possessions, or is it the actual intangible essence of life that we’re putting value onto? And so this can get a little bit skewed and I do find that this happens almost more with large intestine themes.

And so the themes around large intestine, the tendency is that because it’s kind of like last pass food, the large intestine too, there’s this tendency that it’s already gone through this refinement process. And it’s really decided in an intense way what it is that it wants to hold on to and what it doesn’t. And it’s very, it can be very stubborn almost in that sense, but some of the themes can be that they kind of closed themselves off. They kind of close these iron Gates and they can become hardened. And interestingly enough, in the large intestine, that’s where a lot of mineral absorption happens and that’s metal is very much associated with what is kind of earth itself and has become hardened into the earth. There’s also a sense of spiritual righteousness. And I find because the larger intenstine and how the information from the outside world has had to go through our, the entire pass of our digestive system and our body, there’s, it’s really easy that, um, value can get skewed. And so there’s this tendency with large intestine to place a value on either other people or material possessions outside of self and to never. And their experience is usually that they always feel like they’re not being valued. So in conversation in relationship, they always feel like they’re not being respected and or valued.

And then earth themes around earth. Our nourishment and reciprocity, the emotions are worry and rumination. So the spleen and the stomach are the organ systems associated with this. The theme with spleen is there typically a bit of a rounder body. They want to constantly be consuming this nourishment. Um, and so there can be a tendency to be overweight, but there’s this just this constant worry. So everything is being chewed over. And nothing’s really being actually integrated in, in, in a nourished, in a nourished way. So they feel under nourished. And so they constantly consume as a way to try to feel nourished. But the of it is that in a sense, their bodies are almost overnourished, how this shows up then in the external world, usually for them is that they have a tendency to take care of others before really taking care of themselves.

And there can be like interesting things that happen in the sense of, they need to take care of others as a way to take care of self. So if there’s like an ingratiating manner, typically about spleen people, and so stomach themes are more because the stomach receives information and it’s like that first step of receiving information from the outside world that needs to be processed. We get stuck in process mode. So these are people who are going to be constantly consuming information but never really actually earthing it. And so, because of that, there’s a tendency. If you think about this, just from the food perspective, there’s a tendency then that we’re constantly chewing and processing over the same bite, a food, but nothing’s ever actually coming in and nourishing us. So there’s an unearthedness that goes along with stomach people. There’s just, there’s not a lot of kind of weight and moisture to the ground, into the earth.

And so there’s this dryness that can occur in this kind of flighty nature. And they feel very easily overwhelmed by the needs of others because they don’t feel like they have the energy or the capacity to take care of others. Yeah. That’s a general theme with earth, this reciprocity and caring for others, but caring for self at the same time. So it can be a real point strife. So hopefully that helps. And I will see you very soon. I’ve also included, did cheat sheets in, um, just below in the blog and or in the email. So if you want to just take a look through those to get even more specific, you can do that. Uh, and then go back to the videos to learn more. Now we’ll see you soon.