4 Herbs & Foods for Immunity


It’s soup season. My favorite time of the year. Soups are an excellent way to incorporate immune boosted food and herbs into your life. This past weekend I made a farm-raised turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving. The best is making soup out of the leftovers! The bones, if simmered long enough, are rich in collagen. In this video, I’ll share 4 herbs & foods for immunity.

Join a free one hour class Seek: An Introduction to Chinese Medicine


Join a free one hour class Seek: An Introduction to Chinese Medicine

Summary of the herbs and foods

As a Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist, I speak of everything through this lens.

  1. Green Onion aka Cong Bai
    1. Its warm and spicy nature means it goes to the surface to warm it.
  2. Ginger aka Sheng Jiang 
    1. When dealing with cold and flu, ginger should be number 1 on your list. It is also used to quell an upset tummy. In the video, we talk about how the gut and skin are related to your immune system.
  3. Garlic aka Da Suan
    1. Quite hot and very good at dispelling a toxic load. Meaning, if something has moved inward, it helps your body rid itself of these toxins.
  4. Astragalus aka Huang Qi
    1. This common Chinese herb is a rockstar at getting things to the surface, where your defensive Qi exists. It will also strengthen the surface.
    2. Check out what the western research is saying about Astragalus. 

There are more than 4 foods & herbs for Immunity

Food should be used for medicine, even if that medicine is pleasure. Here are a couple of other ideas for foods that you can incorporate into your life this season.

  • Mushrooms (Shitake, oyster, etc.)
  • Bone Broth
  • Seaweed

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