3 Simple ways to Nourish Blood and Balance Hormones

This week’s video is about 3 easy ways to nourish blood and balance your hormones. Diet cannot be understated when it comes to nourishing blood and hormonal balance. Here are 3 easy ways you can be sure you are getting the most out of your diet when it comes to nourishing blood and balancing hormones.



3 ways you can nourish your blood to balance your hormones

  1. Making sure you are eating enough warm foods – this is the number one dietary tip I give to women in particular, that makes the biggest difference to digestion and therefore blood production. Warm allows the body to digest foods. When we overeat cold and raw foods, it dampens the digestive fire, and our body’s ability to metabolize its food, wanes. If we aren’t digesting, we aren’t making blood. It’s just that simple.
  2. Eating enough substance – Substance makes substance. We need carbohydrates in order to make the substance of blood. This includes grains and starchy carbs.
  3. Eating enough calories. The sixth point that Healthline makes is not overeating and not undereating for proper hormone balance. If we aren’t getting enough fuel for our daily expenditure; working out, work, existing, etc, then we are robbing energy from our more precious reserves, such as our blood and/or our Kidneys/adrenals.

Next week we will look into specific foods that help build blood. There are many aspects to hormonal balance and understanding some theory is imperative if you want to get specific to your unique makeup.

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